Six Reasons Metal Roofs Are Great Options in The Pacific Northwest

Jun 3, 2020Education, Uncategorized

Six Reasons Metal Roofs Are Great Options in The Pacific Northwest

Environmentally Friendly:

It is 100% recyclable and when a metal roof has served its’ purpose, it can be recycled again! Asphalt shingles are harder to dispose of and sit in landfills once their lifespan is up. Metal roofing can also be installed “over” an existing shingle roof minimizing landfill space used as well.


Metal roofing is sometimes considered to be heavier than asphalt shingle roofing, however it is actually lighter weighing in right at
1.3-1.5 lbs per square foot. That’s 50% lighter than asphalt! This leads back to easier installation as well.

Cost Effectiveness:

Shingles are definitely less expensive up front when looking to purchase new roof materials. However, given the fact that shingles only last 12-20 years as compared to metal roofing’s impressive life span of 50 years, it is clear that metal roofing is less expensive in the long run due to less replacements over that period.

Color Options:

Metal roofing comes in all sorts of colors including bright, vivid, earth tones, and even special effects colors. It’s super versatile when you want to add a sense of style to your home.


It is very durable and performs the best out of any roofing material against strong wind, driving rain, ice, hail, high heat, and heavy snow.
It is especially useful in places like the Pacific Northwest where there is a lot of rain and snow.

Ease Of Maintenance:

Metal roofing is superior when it comes to maintaining your roof. Cleaning off debris and branches is easy and moss has a hard time growing on the slick metal surface as compared to shingles where you would have to replace sections of the roof pretty often, especially if your building is under or near overhanging trees.

Metal roofing is a great option considering all of the long-term benefits, however it is costly up front. If you’re willing to spend a little more up front for the sake of a better, easier to maintain, energy saving, economic roof long term, than metal roofing is what you want!

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