Roof Deterioration and what’s causing it

Jun 17, 2020Education

Wonder what is causing decay on your roof shingles? Four reasons why are listed below: 

 #1. Rain, Snow or Ice

The moisture that is caused from rain, snow or ice is one of the biggest reasons for shingle decay. Moisture that gets trapped within the shingles and can cause mold and mildew that will be damaging to the roof and home.

#2. Wind Damage

If you live in a place where there are high winds this can cause the roofing to begin to unstick or rip if it is soft from any water damage. Debris from high and strong winds can cause corners and edges to rip off leaving your rooftop exposed to future damage. 

#3. Sun Rays

One of the most common roofing issues are sun rays. Damaging rays and heat cause your shingles to break down over time. Thermal expansion and IR radiation are just some possibilities that will occur through continued sun exposure. 

#4. Lichen 

Lichen is when algae and moss take over your roof causing there to be rooting which can later cause structural damage. Not only can it cause structural damage but it can cause dis-coloring in your roof tiles which overall does not look appealing.