4 Ways To Prepare Your Roof For Spring

May 12, 2020Education

Remove Any Foreign Objects:

It’s always a good idea once Spring rolls around to clean off any debris like branches, leaves, moss, and stray frisbees from last Summer to keep your roof looking nice and clean, but also to slow down the degradation of the roof. If there are sticks, moss, and frisbees up there (sorry, I had to) for years and years, that’s only going to speed up how fast your roof degrades.

Check Your Roof for Damage:

Go over every section of your roof and make sure there aren’t any holes, cracks, places where faulty shingles got lifted up or moved by the wind, or any other damage that may have occurred and write all of this down so you know what supplies and tools you’ll need to fix it.

Check Your Attic for Holes:

The easiest way for mice and rats to get into your attic is by way of hole in the wall. Not only that, but moisture, bugs, and water can find its way into your attic as well and this will eventually cause damage to more precious building materials that make up the rest of your home. It’s always a great idea to check out your attic every Spring and make sure everything is ship-shape for the coming Summer, Fall, and Winter months.

Fix Any Damage:

The next and last step is to fix any and all of these underlying problems you may have come across in your check of the roof and attic. You can usually fix most of these with the help of your local hardware store and a few hours of time, but If you need any assistance we will get you set up!

After preparing your roof for the next year, it’s always a nice feeling to have that done and out of the way so you can think about more exciting topics like barbecuing on the back deck under your nice overhanging roof, or chilling by the pool with an ice-cold drink of choice in your hand. We hope this helped!

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