What is a modified roof shingle? Does it affect me?

Traditional asphalt shingles dominate the residential roofing market…and they don’t all last 30 years…. There are large gaps in performance between shingles made by different manufacturers. We at Integrity Roofing only use Malarkey’s polymer-modified shingles. These shingles are built to last 30 years and they are proven to extend the life of your roof.

How Malarkey’s modified roof shingles beat the competition:

  • They provide enhanced impact resistance (such as hail and falling trees branches) and improved flexibility–resulting in less shingle loss over the life of your roof.
  • They offer double the rain seal protection than traditional roof shingles.
  • They have superior granular adhesion and enhanced wind resistance.
  • The innovative polymer on the Malarkey shingle increases the asphalt’s resistance to sunlight, which prevents premature shingle aging and, in turn, extends the life of your roof.

Malarkey’s shingles are built to last while limiting their impact on the environment. 100% sourced from recycled materials, they function as well as they look.

Integrity Roofing and Construction has obtained the highest degree of certification available from Malarkey in order to install this superior product and provide you with the best roofing products the industry has to offer. We will ensure your home and office is defended against the elements for years to come. Our installation is guaranteed for 20 years and our work is also backed by additional manufacturer labor and product warranties. Our full-time staff of over 16 expert craftsmen are bonded, insured, and have undergone hours of extensive training in order to provide you with the highest quality workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

Call us today for a free roof evaluation. We will walk you through the process and go over your options thoroughly until you are comfortable making the decision that is right for you. Be sure to check out our facebook page and instagram account to hear what our satisfied customers have to say.

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