Home of the Trojans, Integrity Stadium supports a variety of sports and other activities for Olympic High School students. We’re honored to be part of the journey.

Why Roof Maintenance Is Important For a Casino. Whether you’re responsible for roof maintenance or not, you should know that casino roofs require special care. Guests have a close-up view of many parts of the building, which can put an additional strain on the structure and materials. Moreover, casinos have several levels, so they can expose several lower parts of the roof to traffic. These structures also require huge air purification systems and ventilation, so roof maintenance is especially important for ecopayz casino. For example, the Lucky Lady Casino’s roof partially collapsed on once Monday morning, causing a 15-by-24-foot hole in the lobby. While no fire had been detected, the incident caused injuries to 11 people. Seven were taken to the hospital, while 10 others were only slightly injured. The casino’s owner has not confirmed if it was aware of the problem. Nevertheless, the casino is responsible for ensuring the safety of its patrons and the roof of the building.

Le casino comporte de nombreux niveaux différents et un bon toit est crucial: https://casinoscad.com/ . De nombreuses surfaces inférieures du toit sont visibles du point de vue des clients, ce qui ajoute une usure supplémentaire au matériau et à la structure du toit. En outre, les casinos nécessitent d’énormes systèmes de ventilation et de purification de l’air, et le toit est souvent un lieu de stockage d’équipements lourds. Pour lutter contre ces problèmes, les casinos ont besoin d’un bon toit. Il doit également être beau et suffisamment solide pour supporter les équipements lourds. L’équipe de conception a étudié des cartes postales historiques pour déterminer la couleur du toit. Ils ont trouvé une carte postale du casino de glace de Rye Beach, une structure qui utilisait un toit vert. Elle mesure environ 3 1/2 pouces sur 5 1/2 pouces. Ferantello, l’architecte associé du département des travaux publics et des transports du comté de Westchester, a partagé cette carte postale avec l’équipe de conception. Après avoir examiné la carte postale de Miller, l’équipe de conception a opté pour une couleur patinée naturelle pour le toit.

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Residential Roofing

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Researching what it takes to have an new roof installed can be a daunting task. At Integrity Roofing and Construction we are offering the next generation of asphalt shingle technology and subject matter experts will guide you through every step of the process.

We take pride in knowing that the work we do from estimation to completion will exceed your standards.

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Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roofing

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs which depend on the careful overlapping of waterproof sheets of membrane to keep out the elements.

The point of contact between each membrane must be sealed correctly because it is at these sealed seams that water has the highest chance of seeping in and compromising the roof.

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Remodeling Division

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Remodeling Division

We offer an in house remodel division with a team that produces full scale residential additions, remodels, custom decks, bathrooms, siding to commercial tenant improvements

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Roof Repair

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A roof may only need repair work. We provide free roof analysis that will determine your specific needs to find a solution that delivers the greatest benefit to your home & your wallet.

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Transparent Service

A fully integrated system must be transparent. We are driven by actions being aligned with our words, creating a high level of service for our community and high standards from our team.

Sustainable Product

On an average-sized roof, the reclaimed quality material equates to roughly 5.5 tires and 350 milk jugs. Furthermore, at the end of their service lives, asphalt roofing shingles themselves can be ground up and repurposed into material for road paving.

Greater Good

When you purchase a roof or service from Integrity, you're positively impacting our community. With our continual investment with CK School District and its athletic programs, your purchase goes beyond the product.

Our Community

At the heart of Integrity is our community. 

Official Partnership with NKLL

We're official partners of North Kitsap' Little League and Snyder Fields.

Integrity Partners With Fishline

To help provide the unsheltered neighbors of North Kitsap access to public hygiene services.

Making a difference

A shortage of paper is no match for NKHS student. Learn how he's making a difference.

Integrity Stadium

Athletic facilities that work for families can change the culture of a community.




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Integrity Roofing is proud to roof all over North Kitsap. You’ll see us in your neighborhood if you live in Poulsbo, Bainbridge Island, Port Orchard, Port Townsend, Bremerton, Hansville, Kingston, Port Gamble, Silverdale, Suquamish, Indianola, Keyport, Brownsville, Tracyton, Seabeck.

We’re proud to serve our community through roofing, remodels, new construction and more.

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