METAL ROOFING Metal roofing is a great option considering all of the long-term benefits.

Metal roofing is a great option considering all of the long-term benefits.

Integrity Roofing offers an array of standing seam metal panels in many colors and finishes.  If you’re looking to upgrade your Kitsap home shingled roof to a beautiful metal roof, let Integrity bid your metal roof!


Long Life –Metal is very durable and performs the best out of any roofing material against strong wind, driving rain, ice, hail, high heat, and heavy snow. It is especially useful in places like the Pacific Northwest where there is a lot of rain and snow.
Life Span - 70 YEARS
Wind Resistance -Another advantage that metal roofing offers is durability. Metal roofing holds up against high winds (up to 120mph) and tends to be less prone to cracking, erosion, and can often be more resistant to impact than other roofing materials.
Wind Resistance- 120 MPH
  • What's the maintenance like?

    Metal roofing is superior when it comes to maintaining your roof. Cleaning off debris and branches is easy and moss has a hard time growing on the slick metal surface as compared to shingles where you would have to replace sections of the roof pretty often, especially if your building is under or near overhanging trees.

  • Are they all one color?

    Metal roofing comes in all sorts of colors including bright, vivid, earth tones, and even special effects colors. It’s super versatile when you want to add a sense of style to your home.

  • What about the cost?

    Shingles are definitely less expensive up front when looking to purchase new roof materials. However, given the fact that shingles only last 12-20 years as compared to metal roofing’s impressive life span of 50 years, it is clear that metal roofing is less expensive in the long run due to less replacements over that period.

The environment is a major concern of many homeowners. One green solution is to install a metal roof. It is more environmentally friendly than other options. Reasons include:
  • Longevity: Metal roofs can endure challenging weather conditions and still last for a maximum of 50 years. Such a long service life reduces the amount of material required over time to replace a roof. This results in less roofing material ending up in landfill sites.
  • Energy Efficiency: A reflective surface, metal roofing reduces the need for spending more money on cooling.
  • Recyclable: Metal roofing is usually constructed of recycled metal. When it reaches the end of its lifespan, the material can once more be recycled.
These qualities make metal roofing among the most popular choices for those looking for green solutions. If you are interested in learning more about how metal roofing can reduce cooling costs while minimizing its environmental footprint, contact us online.




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