Metal Roofing & HOA’s

Apr 5, 2022Education, Planning, Product, Sustainability

We know HOA’s can be a pain. Here are 3 steps to convince them to allow metal roofing.

1. Schedule A Meeting

  1. Most HOA’s have meetings every 30 days. Get on their schedule to present why they should allow metal roofing in your neighborhood.

2. Demonstrate The Benefits

  1. Metal roofing can imitate asphalt, wood shake, slate, & clay tile roofs.
  2. It’s also the longest-lasting roofing material available. So there’s less to worry about!
  3. When the paint coating eventually oxidizes, you can also repaint the surface with a fresh coat for even more value.
  4. When you tear metal roofing off, it can be recycled unlike virtually any other roofing material out there.
  5. It would be wise to acquire samples of the roofing material from your roofer to show them and further convince them that metal roofing is a beautiful and viable roofing material to use in your neighborhood.
  6. Here’s a free online tool that helps you visualize what each metal roofing material would look like. 

3. Show Them In Person

  1. If you can, and your board is willing, schedule a time to show them local examples of beautiful metal roofing so they can get a feel for what it would look like in their area.
  2. In most cases, after you show them just how versatile, energy-efficient, long-lasting and beautiful metal roofing is, they’ll change or at least loosen up their restrictions on metal roofing enabling you to make a great investment in your home.

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