What to Expect During Your Roof Installation

Mar 20, 2023Construction, Education

According to Roofing Contractor Magazine, over 5 million new roofs are installed every year. One of the most common roofing materials on newly built homes is asphalt. This material is a popular option because of its style, convenience, and versatility. If you have a roof installation project planned for your home, here’s some more information about what to expect.

Preparing the Outside Perimeter of Your Home

As you can imagine, a roof installation is a major project. First, the old roof needs to be removed. The installers may also take down gutters and downspouts before they begin the process. You’ll want to have a discussion with the roofing team about any prep work that you need to do. These steps could include removing patio furniture and garden accessories so they don’t become damaged. You may also need to cover the windows as well as any trees or shrubs that are near your house. If you’re unsure about what needs to be done, sit down with your contractor a day or two before the scheduled installation to review the details.

Your Interior Will Need Attention Too

Your home’s roofing is attached to the top of your house, and the vibrations from contractors nailing or hammering could cause artwork or other decor to rattle or even fall over if you’re not careful. You’ll want to ensure that all fragile items are moved away from the walls, including paintings and other wall hangings. Pets and young children will also be affected by the noise. If your pets or kids are anxious, consider having them live elsewhere until the project reaches completion. To avoid injury, it’s important that they avoid spending time in your yard during installation.

Expect the Project to Take About Two Days

This is a complex process, so it’s not one that happens overnight. Of course, the size and design of your house will have an impact on the length of time that the project takes. Plan on waiting about at least two days for your new roof to be installed. Then you see the results, you’ll agree that the new roof is well worth any disruption experienced by you and your family. When the old roof is removed, the installers may find issues that need to be addressed before they continue. Be aware that such discoveries can extend the length of the project.

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Posted March 20, 2023