Commercial roofing is where we started. We provide Metal, TPO, PVC, & commercial grade shingles and can handle large scale projects. Many commercial buildings have flat roofs which have a multitude of options include floating deck systems, glued and welded membranes and careful project management oversight. We are highly trained and experienced with many different types of commercial membranes and coatings that will ensure your flat roof doesn’t leak. We will educate you on the special care and attention that must be paid in inspecting and maintaining the most susceptible areas of your flat roof so that it remains dry and problem-free for decades to come.


PVC roofs reflect sunlight and help keep your building’s internal temperatures low. This cooling effect also improves insulation performance and has been shown to extend the roof’s lifespan significantly. PVC can also be installed directly over an old roof, and over 50% of its makeup comes from recycled products. 

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As the name suggests, there is an open flame involved in the application of rolling out strong, durable, rubberized membranes across the length of your flat roof. This rubberized membrane is called modified bitumen and is similar to asphalt, but prevents moisture build-up without needing constant maintenance.


TPO roofs are newer, but similar to PVC roofs. The most significant difference between them is their chemical composition. TPO or, thermoplastic olefin, roofs are flexible and resistant to the elements. It is an affordable membrane suitable for multiple types of single-ply roofing systems. 




Bloedel Reserve
Re-roofing the gate house of one of the Pacific Northwest's must-see landscapes
Madison Diner
Arendal Living
Roofed Community Building & Buildings 1,2,3 & 4
Harborview Apartments
Port of Poulsbo
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