Roofing Kingston, WA 

Top Roofing Contractors And Roof Repair Specialists

At Integrity Roofing & Construction, we pride ourselves in being the top roofing contractors throughout Kingston, WA, and the surrounding cities, towns, and areas. We offer both residential and commercial roofing installation, replacement, and repair services with a focus on providing the best customer experience for large projects and small roof repairs.

We provide a complete range of services, including estimates for all our work. Our professionals assist homeowners and business owners in choosing the correct roofing system for their residence or commercial property. Our team of experienced estimators always takes the time to answer questions and assist you in choosing the best in commercial or residential roofing options.

Roof Replacement and New Roof Installations

Integrity Roofing & Construction completes roof replacements and new roof installations on time and on budget. Our experienced roofers will ensure the property is cleaned up and everything is in place after the job, including hauling off old roofing material and cleaning up the area.

Our experience in roofing houses and commercial buildings in and around Kingston, WA, ensures you get the right roofing materials installed by highly trained professionals.

Roof Repairs

Not all damaged roofs need to be replaced. When the damage is in a smaller area of the roof, and if the rest of the roof is still in good condition, our roof repair services are the most cost-effective option for any home or business owner.

Damage on roofs is typically caused by wind or environmental issues, including freezing and thawing or heavy winter storms. Tree limbs hitting on the roof can also pull up shingles or damage commercial roofing solutions.

To schedule an appointment or for answers to your roofing questions, call us at 360-516-1466, or contact us online.

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