NKHS Freshman & Integrity Tackle Paper Shortage

Dec 11, 2019Community


Budget cuts decreased paper allowance at North Kitsap High School, allowing 7 pieces of paper per student, per subject, per month. Fifteen year old Freshman, Collin Niles is spear-heading the donation drive.

Following Collins leadership, Integrity donated a pallet of paper (valued at $1500) to the North Kitsap High School supply drive.

Tanner Tennyson, owner of Integrity, “Preparing for college without paper is an unreasonable & ridiculous limitation. Students under-performing or not graduating impacts our community massively.”
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Principal Megan Sawicki commented “It will truly make a difference…Because of your support, I was able to work with a staff member on going to a training to better support our Special Education students.”

Collin has raised over $1,600 in cash and over 225,000 sheets of paper for his school. Now, each student can receive 10-11 copies per subject, per month and the paper drive is continuing to grow.

For donations contact: North Kitsap High School, Our office 360 900 7663 or follow the link below:

Donate to North Kitsap High School