Metal Roofing: Underlayment

Aug 13, 2019Education, Uncategorized

$3,000 underlayment? Sounds crazy… here’s why:

  1. Metal roofs get HOT….& so will the underlayment
    Roofs can be up to 20 degrees warmer than ground temperature.Metal roofs can conduct even more heat then a shingle roof.High temperature Ice & Water Shield can sustain up to 240° F
  2. No fasteners = No damage
    Poorly driven fasteners on underlayment can create a nipple effect in brand new metal roofing panels when walking on the panels during installation.High temp Ice & water shield require no fasteners as it comes with an adhesive backing requiring film to be removed during install.
  3. Smooth surface
    Metal roofing expands and contract due to barometric pressure changes. When the metal moves throughout the day and throughout its lifetime, if the underlayment has any rough surface it will scratch the bottom side of the panel and perform like sandpaper.Another reason why high temperature ice and water Shield is necessary vs granulated ice and water Shield commonly used for shingle roofing underlayment application.