Malarkey Shingles in the Nail Zone

May 8, 2023New Post

If you’re paying for roof installation, but still haven’t decided which shingles you want to use just yet, you should take a closer look at Malarkey Shingles. If you haven’t heard of them before, now would be a good time to learn about the features that make them unique and desirable.

How the Zone Affects the Quality of Malarkey Shingles

According to Roofing Insights, Malarkey Shingles stand out due in large part to the nailing area they present. The nailing area, also known as The Zone, is unlike anything you’ll see with other shingles. It makes a huge difference when the time comes for roof installation. What you’ll immediately notice about The Zone is that it is significantly larger than the nailing areas that most shingles provide. Those wider nailing lines will make installation much easier.

The Zone that Malarkey Shingles provides makes it easier for roofers to set the nails in place. They can process an area quickly and accurately because of the larger target area. Roofers also have a larger margin of area, and land the nails in a good spot even if their aim is off by a bit. The larger nailing area helps lock the Malarkey Shingles in place, as the shims of each Malarkey Shingle are designed to overlap, so as long as the nails end up somewhere in The Zone, the roofer can rest assured that both layers of the Malarkey Shingles will be penetrated. They’ll be firmly fastened to the roof and the risk of strong winds blowing them off is effectively minimized.

The Other Remarkable Qualities of Malarkey Shingles

You should strongly consider using Malarkey Shingles on your roof because of how well The Zone is integrated into their design. However, that is not the only feature that helps these shingles stand out. They present other benefits that will allow them to remain as fixtures on your roof long-term. For instance, these shingles also come with tapered backing shims. These  prevent rainwater from pooling on top of the shingles. Sealant grips present on the shingle strip also enhance the stability of these roofing products. Malarkey Shingles come in various styles so you should be able to find one that suits your home design very well.

Malarkey Shingles make the process of roof installation smoother and faster, while also providing valuable protection that you won’t want to pass up. so install them on your roof to keep your home protected from the elements. Get in touch with Integrity Roofing & Construction today and allow us to install your Malarkey Shingles!

Posted: May 8th, 2023