How to prepare your home for a new roof

May 7, 2020Planning

A new roof is both one of your home’s largest expenses as well as one of its greatest, most valuable assets. There are ways to protect your home during roof installation that help bring even greater return on the investment of a new roof. 

#1 Move Cars away from home & driveway: 

Sounds simple but do you have an RV or Boat? Sometimes this takes planning to clear your driveway. Dump trucks and staging materials will take up your driveway and you’ll want to keep your cars a safe distance from this area until work is completed also due to falling debris. Put it in your schedule on when to clear the area, construction schedules can change and you will want to be prepared if there is a weather window in your favor. 


#2 Take Down Wall Decorations:

The vibrations from work on your roof may travel through some walls of your home, especially if repairs to the existing deck like plywood or fascia are needed. You may also choose to remove decorative light fixtures like chandeliers to play it safe.

#3 Don’t forget The attic:

Dust and small debris will fall in attic spaces during this process. During a roof replacement, numerous installers and materials being delivered will be in contact with the roof deck. 

We suggest you cover any items in the attic you don’t want any debris or dust getting on. You can keep some of your more important personal items clean and covered with old sheets. Light vacuuming in these areas after construction is complete should be expected.

#4 Move Your Patio Furniture

A shed or garage is the best place to store outside items like grills, patio furniture, lawn ornaments, and potted plants while your new roof is installed. If you don’t garage storage, you may want to put any pots, grills, patio furniture or lawn ornaments items together 20 feet or more from the roof eave.

#5 Landscape Before Re-roofing your home

Tree branches that hang near or on your roof will need to be trimmed. The most thorough way for our staff to clean your exterior is short grass! Small fallen debris and nails can hide in tall grass, mowing your yard the day before the new roof is an extremely necessary process to perform.