How Natural Causes Can Impact Your Roofing Repair

Jun 29, 2023Blog, Education

One of the largest responsibilities of owning a home is maintaining your roof. While the lifespan of a roof can average 20 years according to industry experts, this could be accelerated by several natural causes. Here are several ways nature can impact your roofing repair timeline.

Air Leaks

Your home should always provide a comfortable temperature and protection from outside elements such as contaminated air. When air leaks result from cracks, poor window sealing, or damaged roofs, it’s easy for air inside the home to escape while also letting outside air in. A blower door test from a local technician can help you check if any air leaks are coming from the roof or other parts of your house. Don’t hesitate to get your roofing repaired if this is the culprit.

Water Damage

A leaky roof can cause water damage to your home. If your roof has cracks, holes, or other structural issues, water can creep in and cause damage. One of the clearest signs of water damage is dark stains on ceilings and upper walls. Water damage can also mean you have mold or mildew, as it only takes 24 hours for mold spores to grow in a wet environment, according to Qipa.


While you may not initially be alarmed by the presence of algae on your roof, you should be. If your roof has a lot of green algae growing on it, it can cause shingles to lift and delaminate. You’ll only see algae growing in a wet environment, and constant wetness doesn’t go well with your roof – constantly wet areas on your roof are usually under downspouts that pour onto a lower awning roof and simply need a downspout gutter extension to connect to the lower gutter keeping your roof dry and preventing algae growth.

Don’t hesitate to get professional roofing repair when nature strikes. You can start with our local team for fast and reliable service. Contact Integrity Roofing & Construction today for a consultation!