Holiday Giveaway with Les Schwab

Dec 22, 2022Community

Here at Integrity, we care about our community, and this holiday season we have teamed up with Les Schwab to fulfill a local need! Our office put up a Christmas tree with tags that had needs from Georgia’s house, which help low-income homeless and women who have experienced domestic violence. One of the tags was from a local mom who was requesting new tires for her car. Our team reached out to Les Schwab in Poulsbo and not only did they donate the tires, they did the service work for free! Here is what she had to say:

“Being a mother of 4, college student, and new business owner, it is a huge struggle financially yet an amazing journey to be on. Recently I started having car troubles with no way of being able to afford to fix them at the moment. I was asked if there was anything I wanted for Christmas from a family friend & church organization and literally, all I could think of was tires. I am very thankful to have had Les Schwab & Integrity Roofing & Construction reach out to me, offering to donate tires. I am still speechless about the blessing! It’s a huge financial burden taken off of me. Now I can focus on accomplishing other goals & I don’t have to worry about transportation. Les Schwab’s customer service is beyond professional, and timely, and the location was super clean. The location & staff were also very kid friendly. It was a great experience! This gift from both companies has changed my life. I am extremely grateful!” 

– StraitBeautiesLLC