Protect Your Roof: 4 Gutter Maintenance Tips

Nov 25, 2021Education, Product

While getting ready to decorate your house for the holiday season, think about clearing out your gutter as well. Your roof will thank you later.

Clearing Debris

While the idea of clearing your gutters sounds difficult, it’s better than finding out how much roof repairs could be if you don’t!

Well roofed valleys will leak due to debris damming if not cleared.

Start by removing top layer of debris:

  • Tree Branches
  • Leaves
  • Loose dirt
  • Pinecones
  • Tree nuts

With a blower, soft bristle broom or gloves, dig out the built up dirt composites. 

Chances are, there’s a mish-mash of debris that’s been building up year round. Clearing this out reduces mold build up.

Spray down your gutters with a garden hose.

Gutter Spikes

While spraying down your gutter, you may find that the gutter itself is wobbly and there might be a few loose screws. With all the debris weighing down the gutter, plus the build up of water, the gutter spikes may have been pulled loose as a result. 

If you find that your gutter spikes are loose, you’ll need to either hammer them back in, or if you notice that the spikes are threaded, screw them back in with a screwdriver. 

Some newly designed gutters have hidden screws and require the right size hex pin to drill them back in. 


After cleaning out the debris from your gutters, you’ll want to double check another crucial spot—downspouts.

If you noticed that water wasn’t coming out of the downspouts while you sprayed down the gutters, then chances are the downspouts are clogged. 

To unclog the downspouts:

  1. remove the portion of the downspout that curves at the bottom with a wrench. Typically there are 2 screws you need to loosen that hold the connected pieces together. 
  2. Spray the build up away with water, and with a garden shovel, scoop out the rest of the debris. Be careful, though, not to push against the side too hard as the piece will need to be fit back into place.

Gutter Guards 

If you want to go the extra mile and safeguard your roof, then consider installing gutter guards. 

Gutter guards go on top of your gutters to prevent massive debris build up. 

Living in areas with lots of trees, it’s guaranteed that your gutters will overflow with debris before you get a chance to clean them out in 6 months. With a gutter guard, you’ll be cleaning your gutter only once a year. 

Before you go out and ask for a gutter guard at your local hardware store, know which guard is right for your needs.

Foam Fillers

These come in a V-shape foam block meant to keep solid debris from building up, but allow for rain to seep through the foam material.

Micro Mesh

This mesh is the quick, easy, and affordable way to stop massive build up of debris. They   attach on top of a gutter and help keep bigger debris from filling up the gutters, while still catching rainfall. 

Curved Mesh

This mesh is the premiere version of the micro mesh as it’s sturdier and longer lasting. It’s a wise investment for PNW homeowners. This mesh offers a wide range of installations as well, with some being to slide on top, snap on to, and also attaching permanently to the gutter. 

Safeguarding Your Roof

Keeping your gutters clean of debris is one of the best ways to keep your roof intact for years to come. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have a sturdy roof over your head to be thankful for this year and the next.