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Feb 20, 2023Education

Membrane Roofing

Project Spotlight – Sequim, WA

We hold true to the fact that we will NEVER leave a customer hanging when we find issues while completing a project. Most recently one of our projects in Sequim began a tear off to fix leaks and rotting plywood and found that the previous roofer had improperly installed ventilation.

Working through icy temperatures and slick surfaces our crew began to thaw the roof out to begin work tearing off rotting ply and removing soggy insulation. Surprisingly, our crew discovered that the current roof was less than 15 years old and had ZERO ventilation The current TPO roof was not made to withstand pooling water and that is what eventually led to multiple leaks.

Why Choose PVC?

There are plenty of benefits to having a PVC roof but the most important is making sure it is the right fit for your roof.

Easy to Install, New or Retrofit Roof
Mule-Hyde PVC Roofing Systems install quickly in one pass with a small, trained crew. In our case this roof tear off and repair took our team close to two days while still battling icy temperatures!

Energy Efficient
As a white surface the roof can reflect up to 78% of the sun’s rays to reduce air conditioning costs. The reflectivity of white PVC even reduces the heat build up under the membrane.

The membrane remains flexible in hot and cold temperatures so it won’t split or crack. PVC can handle the desert, sun, sand, arctic freezes and torrential downpours, almost all of which can happen in the PNW.

Best Lifecycle
PVC provides excellent strength resistance to fire, UV, airborne bacteria and industrial pollutants such as air conditioning coolants. The reinforced membrane is engineered to remain dimensionally stable over time.

Lightweight yet Strong System
Weighing less than 1 lb. per square foot makes it ideal for new construction to retrofit installations without adding excess weigh to the roof deck. Stands up to repeated exposure, high winds, severe climates and routine roof traffic.

Heat-Welded Seam Strength
PVC roofs use a heat welding process that fuses the membrane seams to form a permanent, watertight seal. Superior seam strength provides greater wind uplift resistance.

Code Compliance

Do It Right or Do It Twice

Situations like this are why Integrity believes to firmly in our saying “Do It Right or Do It Twice”. This young roof had to under go a lot more maintenance much earlier than most due to the previous installer (not Integrity) not installing any ventilation. A roof that should have lasted upwards of 25-30 years only went 13 before having major issues.

After just a couple days, a hard working and knowledgable crew, and great customers, the Integrity Roofing division got the job done!