Meet The Team

Our team is focused on serving the community we all live in. Local team serving a local community.


Tanner Tennyson

Where are you from? Married? Kids?
Kitsap County. Married to my beautiful wife Molly Tennyson. 1 daughter
Where did you go to school?
University of Washington
Personal accomplishments or Hobbies?
Trained and guided two vision impaired athletes in Triathlon and Marathon racing, 2011 USA Triathlon team qualifier, developed an out of state bankrupt company into 7 figures in my 20’s. Named Integrity Sports Complex partnered my company with Central Kitsap School District to allow ADA access for families and athletes at sporting events. Recovered from a TBI and Commercial fished and roofed my way through college. Built a company that serves my community with a group of people I love.
Roofing experience or construction prior to IRC?
Union roofer and commercial construction estimator.



Where are you from? Married? Kids?
I grew up here in Poulsbo where I continue to live and raise my 3 teenage boys.
What are your academic accomplishments?
I have a Bachelors of Science and an International Business Degree.
What do you do for fun?
I love to fly, ride motorcycles, scuba-spear fish, travel, spend time with my kids doing sports and surfing.
Do you love your career track?
I love being in sales and would not change it for anything. I've been an estimator since 2003 and have always been in the construction industry. You can say that this is my niche.



Where are you from?
Beautiful Poulsbo, WA!
Where did you go to school?
North Kitsap but I feel like I go to school daily. Learning is refreshing and I try and learn something new everyday.
What are some of your hobbies?

I don't have a ton but if you want to call quality family time a hobby, then I'm very into it. I also really love farming and tending to animals. There is something very grounding about it.



Where are you from? Married? Kids?
Kingston, Wa. I'm married and have two beautiful girls. (4 & 6) Where did you go to school?
North Kitsap High School
Personal Accomplishments or Hobbies?
The great outdoors - We love camping and riding motorcycles year round.
Previous roofing or construction experience prior to IRC?

I've worked in construction for over 5 years and have been selling and estimating for 9 years.

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