Our Team

We invest in people. The growth of our business rests on the growth of our employees, and so we invest in them through continuing education and industry seminars. Continually developing our employees for the long-term, we put in the time, money, and resources to retain them. A business is only as good as its staff–and we’ve assembled two energetic, effective and highly motivated crews of full-time craftsmen.

Every employee is bonded, insured and has had a background check.

Our Philosophy of Transparency

We’ve built a cohesive, family-oriented environment that translates to our customers whenever you work with us. The person we are on Sunday morning with our family is the person you get on your job. Our corporate cultural is an integrated system that joins our personal lives with our work environment. We want to make you feel comfortable during your roof repair. We want you to understand all of your options, and we make sure you are fully informed in order to make the right decisions based on your needs.

Our Staff

Tanner Tennyson


Brian Foley


Lindsay Mayburry

Operations Director

Trisha Huckabee

Office Manager

Tony Pinter


Kevin Kroll


Zach Mitton

Production Assistant