3 Reasons To Install Skylights in the Northwest

It’s quite frustrating to deal with the struggle of overheating through your windows, having to keep the AC on during the day, feeling an unending beam of sun rays day in and day out. Just the thought of it is exhausting. Wouldn’t it be so nice to have the luxury of enjoying not only the daylight but ventilation as well without the uncomfortableness of unwavering heat? 

Skylights are likely the best option for you then. 

Skylights are located on the roof, typically as shown above. In order to prevent summertime solar heat gain and wintertime heat loss as is an issue with traditional windows, various glazing technologies such as heat absorbing tints, insulated glazing and low emissivity coatings are all being used to improve skylights and maximize their use.

#1 They Increase Natural Light

Skylights can brighten up any space during the day. This style of window would be most beneficial in rainy or overcast climates; also in houses that let in very little natural light from their traditional windows. However, this doesn’t disqualify you from getting skylights in your home if it doesn’t share any of these qualities.

Skylights are typically installed in bathrooms, especially those in the center of the home, to allow natural light into a room that normally is closed off to the outside. The use of skylights in your home will also cut down the amount of lights you turn on during the day, saving you a pretty penny on your electricity bill. 

#2 Extended Space

If you’re living on your own, or an aspiring college student moving out with nothing but luggage and your vast dreams, then fear not. Small spaces can appear larger than they actually are when illuminated by skylights.

In an ordinarily cramped space, aka 90% of studio apartments, with the inclusion of a skylight will make it feel significantly larger even though you’ve done nothing to the actual size. Skylights are perhaps the most effective method to add in perceived space, as they allow for light to enter the room and also offer a view out with no obstruction.

#3 Solar Heating & Ventilation

During the chilly winter months, having extra heat from sunlight is a major plus. The added sunlight can not only bring more natural warmth into the home but also help reduce your electric bill. However, on not-so-sunny days, your home may experience more heat loss than gain.

On the other hand, in warmer weather, some skylights have the added benefit of remote controls to open them up, allowing for greater air flow in the home and better ventilation. Heat rises, so when the house starts to get stuffy, opening up your skylights and allowing that stale air to exit and fresh air to enter can be refreshing.

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