Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the country, and the pitched asphalt roof of a family home is our speciality. We have proudly partnered with Malarkey Roofing Products to offer a new polymer modified asphalt shingle designed and manufactured with Nexgen™, an asphalt formulated with polymers made from recycled materials that dramatically enhance performance. These shingles were made to outlast the competition in even the toughest Pacific Northwest weather.

Integrity Roofing offers a wide variety of composite, metal, solar reflective and recycled roofing materials to match every home’s aesthetic. We work to combine functionality with durability, style and sustainability for every client.

Whether we are replacing or repairing your family’s roof, we do more than just install shingles. Every roof has its own unique set of needs and we carefully inspect all of the elements that go into a safe, watertight roof for your home. We make sure the flashing is complete and sound. Flashing is the metal trim that keeps water away from the structural elements beneath the shingles. If any of it is missing, your roof’s structural support could take on water and weaken over time. We also assess your gutter system to ensure that water is being lead away from your home’s foundation. If your roof has any subsurface damage, we will repair or replace the plywood beneath the roofing materials to make sure the structural integrity of your roof is sound. Our care and attention to detail is what sets us apart from any other roofer in Kitsap County.

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