Depending on your roofing system design, here are 3 of the most popular:

Torch Down

The torch down option is only for the most experienced, professional roofers. As the name suggests, there is an open flame involved in the application of rolling out strong, durable, rubberized membranes across the length of your flat roof. This rubberized membrane is called modified bitumen and is similar to asphalt, but prevents moisture build-up without needing constant maintenance. We have extensive experience with this roofing method and take extreme care with our work around the flashing and detail to ensure a perfect application. When complete, the torch down method provides a strong waterproof roof that reflects uv rays, does not crack or become brittle and is practically impervious to the elements. Torch down can also be color matched to your shingles if you have a combination roof that is flat in some areas and pitched in others.


PVC, also known as vinyl roofing, is the current leading single-ply (flat roof) system in Europe and is on the rise in America today because of its incredible energy efficiency. Around since the 1960’s, PVC roofs reflect sunlight and help keep your building’s internal temperatures low. This cooling effect also improves insulation performance and has been shown to extend the roof’s lifespan significantly. PVC can also be installed directly over an old roof, and over 50% of its makeup comes from recycled products. Roofing repairs often amount to only patches or seam repairs, and there is no added cost of the old roof’s removal because PVC roofs can be applied directly over old systems. PVC roofing is also highly resistance to fire, heavy impacts and punctures.


TPO roofs are newer, but similar to PVC roofs. The most significant difference between them is their chemical composition. TPO or, thermoplastic olefin, roofs are flexible and resistant to the elements. It is an affordable membrane suitable for multiple types of single-ply roofing systems. In theory, TPO is supposed to be more durable and longer lasting than PVC but, in practice, the PVC roofs observed have withstood a wide range of weather conditions, temperatures and standing water, and have remained uncompromised and watertight for over 30 years. TPO roofs are available in white, light gray and black and are built for extreme durability. They have been manufactured in the US since the 1990’s and are fast becoming a favorite single-ply (flat roof) option.


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