Coyle Road

  • Removed all existing roofing including clean up with use of magnetic roller for nail pick up in driveways and yard
  • Installed 3” rigid insulation on entire roof deck
  • Installed 1/2 CDX plywood on top of rigid foam
  • Applied High temp ice and water-shield to entire roof surface
  • Installed Taylor Metal 26 gauge, MS-150, 16” Standing seam metal roofing panels on roof
  • Installed D metal on all eaves, included gable metal, roof to wall metal, ridge metal
  • Valley metal with butyl tape
  • Installed all new RVO bathroom vents and color matching if available pipe boots and color matching caulking
  • Removed and replaced chimney flashing. Saw cut into chimney and installed new flashing
  • Designed and ordered custom Z metal for chimney and applied for water-tight application
  • Aligned poly iso plates and screws with interior rafters to prevent exposure or nippling of screws through sheathing
  • Transported crew and planks to metal drop-off location to hand load and unload metal panels to job site

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