Dec-Tec: Tizley’s of Poulsbo

Feb 27, 2023Education

What is Dec-Tec?

Dec-Tec provides a sophisticated and beautiful way to waterproof any number of areas including balconies, boathouses, walkways, stairs, boats and more. Being a high traction rated and low maintenance product, Dec-Tec is the best choice in walkable deck surface solutions.

The Integrity Roofing & Construction project we will be featuring in this article is from late summer of 2022 at Tizley’s Europub in Poulsbo. Tizley’s needed a new second story outdoor patio that would be used for seating in the warmer months and be able to withstand the weathering that comes from being close to a large bay of water.

High Traffic, Low Maintenance

Dec-Tec is the only product of its kind to be made via spreadcoat method, which is a unique process used when manufacturing the membrane.  The spread coat method is when molten liquefied PVC is spread directly through the reinforcement, multi-directional fiberglass, thus encapsulating the reinforcement. This creates a fully monolithic membrane with internal reinforcement where there is no chance of delamination of the membrane.

When doing work for a high traffic outdoor establishment such as a restaurant or pub it is important to find a decking that will be protected from people AND weather! Photos below display the project during construction, in peak busy season!


Fire Resistant

Another great feature of Dec-Tec is it’s fire resistant! Tested against several over roofing types the Dec-Tec membrane can withstand much higher temperatures and open flames.

Finished Product

There are numerous reasons to choose Dec-Tec as your decking solution. 
Tired of annual maintenance on your wood deck?  Mold or mildew issues on old carpeting? 
Outdoor coatings flaking away or cracking? 
Concrete deck cracking, and looking like, well, old concrete? 

Then Dec-Tec is for you! 
It will provide a low maintenance, anti-mold, and mildew, non-cracking, superior looking surface.  And remember, as a system, Dec-Tec waterproofs your deck!