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How to Remove Mold From Your Roof

What causes the mold on my roof? How can I get rid of it? How can I keep it from coming back? These are commonly asked questions by hundreds of homeowners. It can feel impossible to keep the roof clear from this pesky intruder. And although you’ve tried every possibility of getting it to go

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What You Need to Know Before Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Buying and installing solar panels is a serious purchase that requires thorough considerations and careful planning. We would all much rather be able to walk into a store and find a product we desire that is perfectly suited to our needs and situation but we all know that isn’t the case.  Because solar panels are

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Which Roof Type, Flat or Pitched, is Best for the Pacific Northwest?

Homeowners for over a decade or looking to build a new home from scratch within the Pacific Northwest region, there are plenty of critical decisions that have to be considered before jumping into such a task.  As with any building, the roof is vital to its health, safety and structural integrity. Because roofs have such

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Why Metal Costs More and Why You Should Consider It

It might be that time of the year. You’ve been putting off replacing your roof but winter is coming up soon and you want to get it out of the way. But there’s a couple complications like what kind of roof should you get, what’s cost-effective, what will last longer? Although asphalt shingles are a

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Olympic Athletic Facilities SponsorshipOlympic Athletic Facilities

Article written by CKSD We are excited to announce that Integrity Roofing and Construction has entered an agreement with Central Kitsap School District (CKSD) to sponsor athletic facilities at Olympic High School. On Wednesday, December 12, 2018 CKSD Board of Directors signed the agreement which includes naming rights and advertising space in the athletic facilities for five

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