7 Reasons Rubberized Shingles Are Superior

We use Malarkey Roofing Products because they outperform all others in granule adhesion & reduce our footprint on the planet.

1. Better Performance

  • All other standard pre-oxidized asphalt shingles are brittle, crack, and lose granules – with a shorter life span regardless of the warranty documents.

2. All-Weather Resilience

  • Malarkey shingles are Rubberized Asphalt with superior thermocycling. This means there is all-weather resilience in hot or cold temperatures.

3. Eco-Friendly

  • The materials used are upcycled rubber & plastics which reduce landfill waste and include smog-reducing granules that help clean air, turning smog particulates into water-soluble ions that wash off your roof.

4. Impact Protection

  • This technology provides industry-leading impact protection from hail and debris. It also creates more resilient, flexible shingles that better withstand temperature swings and weather extremes for easy application and resilience.

5. Smog Reduction

  • These specialized granules reduce smog, turning smog particles into water-soluble ions, washing pollution off your roof.

6. Easy Installation & Better Seal

  • The Zone™ wide nailing area helps ensure shingles are properly fastened and effectively shed water. Six bonds of proprietary synthetic rubber adhesive (SEBS) seal shingles and block out water and wind-driven rain.

6. Options, Options, Options

  • Malarkey has a broad spectrum of products up to class 4 impact-resistant shingles. All of their products are produced with SBS Modified Polymer and have superior impact resistance and longevity built-in.
  • Most insurance companies also offer discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premium when you have a class 4 rating.
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