4 Tips To Determine Whether To Repair or Replace Your Roof

Your roof might look good from the street, but up close it may tell a different story. Getting an inspection is a good move every year or so to determine whether your roof needs replacement or repair. 

Here are some things to look out for:

1. Age

  • A roof over 15  years old with damage has a higher likelihood of needing to be replaced. If your current roof is younger than that, and the only wear or damage is small and easily repaired, a replacement can most likely wait.

2. Water Damage

  • If your roof has spots where water damage has occurred and a large portion is rotten or feels soft,  you’ll most likely want to replace it. But depending on the size of the rotted area, you may be able to patch it and get more life out of your roof investment.

3. Storm Damage

  • There are some instances in the PNW where large branches can hit and puncture your roof during a storm, or knock a shingle loose and start to cause water damage. It’s best to determine how big the hole is and the age of your roof. If the hole is fairly small, a patch job should suffice. Have us give you a free estimate and decide whether to do it yourself or have us patch it for you.

4. Rot

  • If multiple areas of your roof are rotting or are laden with moss and branches, you may need to replace the entire thing. 
  • Again, determine whether you need to repair or replace it considering the age of your roof, and the severity of the damage.
  • If you’re unsure, call us and get a free estimate set up!
If you found these tips helpful, leave a comment below. Reach out to us if you need any assistance setting up a consultation, or if you have any general roofing questions!

7 thoughts on “4 Tips To Determine Whether To Repair or Replace Your Roof”

  1. Thank you for explaining that water damage spots on a roof could indicate the need for a roof repair or replacement. I noticed two small, darker spots on my roof today. I think it would be smart for me to contact a roofer to repair my roof if possible.

  2. Hey, very informative post! Your post will help those who are confused about whether to repair or replace the roof. Keep posting such kind of informative posts!

  3. From the street, your roof may appear to be in fine condition, but up close, it may reveal a different tale. Getting a roof inspection every year or so is a good idea to assess if your roof needs to be replaced or repaired. Thank you!

  4. It helped that you mentioned how it would be best to get your roof replaced if you discover signs of rotting from water damage. It’s been raining heavily for weeks now, and this morning, we discovered that our roof has been rotting. We’ll have to get in touch with a trusted roofing company to help with the installation as soon as possible.

  5. When you indicated that a roof that is more than 15 years old should be checked to see whether it needs to be replaced, it was really useful. Yesterday, there was a storm, and I discovered that my house’s roof had been destroyed. I’d like to engage a roofing contractor that can assist me in making my roof more robust, even if it means replacing it. Thank you for the information. I’m hoping to find a good roofing contractor soon!

  6. Thank you for explaining this to us. This is really helpful. After reading this content, I realize that our roof need to be changed. I need to contact roof installation expert. Thanks!

  7. OMG! I’ll definitely pass this helpful article to my father-in-law’s former neighbor so she’ll be more convinced to hire an expert to help her quickly. She currently lives in Ohio which was heavily affected by last week’s storm and her house roof got slightly damaged as a result. The moment you reiterated that we could simply patch some of the smaller holes on our roof which are caused by debris as long as the roof is still sturdy.

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