Roof Deterioration?  

Wonder what is causing decay on your roof shingles? Four reasons why are listed below: 

 #1. Rain, Snow or Ice

The moisture that is caused from rain, snow or ice is one of the biggest reasons for shingle decay. Moisture that gets trapped within the shingles and can cause mold and mildew that will be damaging to the roof and home.

#2. Wind Damage

If you live in a place where there are high winds this can cause the roofing to begin to unstick or rip if it is soft from any water damage. Debris from high and strong winds can cause corners and edges to rip off leaving your rooftop exposed to future damage. 

#3. Sun Rays

One of the most common roofing issues are sun rays. Damaging rays and heat cause your shingles to break down over time. Thermal expansion and IR radiation are just some possibilities that will occur through continued sun exposure. 

#4. Lichen 

Lichen is when algae and moss take over your roof causing there to be rooting which can later cause structural damage. Not only can it cause structural damage but it can cause dis-coloring in your roof tiles which overall does not look appealing. 

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Six Reasons Metal Roofs Are Great Options in The Pacific Northwest

Environmentally Friendly:

It is 100% recyclable and when a metal roof has served its’ purpose, it can be recycled again! Asphalt shingles are harder to dispose of and sit in landfills once their lifespan is up. Metal roofing can also be installed “over” an existing shingle roof minimizing landfill space used as well.


Metal roofing is sometimes considered to be heavier than asphalt shingle roofing, however it is actually lighter weighing in right at
1.3-1.5 lbs per square foot. That’s 50% lighter than asphalt! This leads back to easier installation as well.

Cost Effectiveness:

Shingles are definitely less expensive up front when looking to purchase new roof materials. However, given the fact that shingles only last 12-20 years as compared to metal roofing’s impressive life span of 50 years, it is clear that metal roofing is less expensive in the long run due to less replacements over that period.

Color Options:

Metal roofing comes in all sorts of colors including bright, vivid, earth tones, and even special effects colors. It’s super versatile when you want to add a sense of style to your home.


It is very durable and performs the best out of any roofing material against strong wind, driving rain, ice, hail, high heat, and heavy snow.
It is especially useful in places like the Pacific Northwest where there is a lot of rain and snow.

Ease Of Maintenance:

Metal roofing is superior when it comes to maintaining your roof. Cleaning off debris and branches is easy and moss has a hard time growing on the slick metal surface as compared to shingles where you would have to replace sections of the roof pretty often, especially if your building is under or near overhanging trees.

Metal roofing is a great option considering all of the long-term benefits, however it is costly up front. If you’re willing to spend a little more up front for the sake of a better, easier to maintain, energy saving, economic roof long term, than metal roofing is what you want!

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What Are the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof? 

Have you ever thought about the overall benefits of replacing the roof on your home? Here are five to take into consideration:

#1. HVAC System

Replacing your roofing will allow your HVAC system to work more efficiently. 

When your HVAC system is being overworked due to there being less cooling and ventilation it is more costly. When the roofing is replaced there will be a better ventilation and cooling time in order for a cost-efficient system. 

#2. Your Health

New roofing is beneficial for your health. Replacing your roof helps prevent things like mold or mildew. Both mold and mildew will not only spread in your home but will cause some serious long-term health problems to you and those who live in your home. Lucky for you, when we install a roof we use some of the best products in the market that help ventilate your roof. Our shingles from Malarkey are also designed to cover more of your roof and eliminate any gap that may cause long term leaks.

#3. Your Family’s Safety

Waiting longer to replace an old, dilapidated roof, can become potentially more hazardous and expensive. An old roof may collapse or cause part of the home to become unstable. By replacing your roof you can avoid mold, leaks and other costly issues. In other words, we don’t want your roof to collapse on you – If you see signs of a sagging roof, it’s time to call Integrity. 

#4. New Roof Technology:


New roof technology is most likely several generations ahead of the roof that may have been installed decades ago. Many of the materials used now are more eco-friendly and made to last longer than the materials used in the past. We are big fans of the Malarkey technology and their abilities to bring a commercial shingle to the residential market.

#5. Less Stress:

No one wants the continued worry of a roof’s ability to withstand the elements and hardships of any natural disasters or severe weather. Knowing your roof is solid will help keep your property safe and free of any hazardous issues to give you peace-of-mind. If you just bought a home and are unsure if the roof is in good condition, give us a call and we’ll make sure to come out to check on the issue. If you’re selling a home or thinking of selling in the future, a new roof will add a lot of value to your home and ease the stress of the new buyer. It’s a win-win.

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Remove Any Foreign Objects:

It’s always a good idea once Spring rolls around to clean off any debris like branches, leaves, moss, and stray frisbees from last Summer to keep your roof looking nice and clean, but also to slow down the degradation of the roof. If there are sticks, moss, and frisbees up there (sorry, I had to) for years and years, that’s only going to speed up how fast your roof degrades.

Check Your Roof for Damage:
Go over every section of your roof and make sure there aren’t any holes, cracks, places where faulty shingles got lifted up or moved by the wind, or any other damage that may have occurred and write all of this down so you know what supplies and tools you’ll need to fix it.

Check Your Attic for Holes:

The easiest way for mice and rats to get into your attic is by way of hole in the wall. Not only that, but moisture, bugs, and water can find its way into your attic as well and this will eventually cause damage to more precious building materials that make up the rest of your home. It’s always a great idea to check out your attic every Spring and make sure everything is ship-shape for the coming Summer, Fall, and Winter months.

Fix Any Damage:

The next and last step is to fix any and all of these underlying problems you may have come across in your check of the roof and attic. You can usually fix most of these with the help of your local hardware store and a few hours of time, but If you need any assistance we will get you set up!

After preparing your roof for the next year, it’s always a nice feeling to have that done and out of the way so you can think about more exciting topics like barbecuing on the back deck under your nice overhanging roof, or chilling by the pool with an ice-cold drink of choice in your hand. We hope this helped!

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