Cedar Shake Dilemma

  • The Benefits:
    Cosmetics Appeal – Natural shake roofing is beautiful, rich dimension, variegated colors, and natural wood texture. The different widths and lengths create a staggered look with deep shadow lines, no two shake roofs look the same; providing a coveted, unique tailored look. Arguably the most beautiful product for a roof, turning a house into a home.
  • The History:
    Old growth cedar trees are tight grain, creating a dense, strong material which can merit a 50 year lifespan as it continually emits natural oils which preserve the wood. Unfortunately these trees have been milled but the material was still being installed widely into the 1990’s and early 2000’s
  • The Performance:
    Cedar shake roofs still in existence are derived from a younger tree, are thinner, less dense and therefore less waterproof (easily rot), the shakes curl and cup due to oxidation, suseptible to wind and fire and are expensive to maintain. While these products are beautiful they are now becoming known for being a financial burden.
  • Our suggestion:
    Take control of your real estate….Besides your family, your home is likely your largest investment….protect the investment and do so, on your terms. Prior to selling your home get an inspection performed and if you need a new roof, decided on who performs the work and the price you are willing to pay. Otherwise, when you are in the process of selling, a value may be given which is higher than you may have spent to get the work done had you picked the contractor.