January 2019 Integrity Roofing & Construction’s (IRC) owner Tanner Tennyson was appointed onto the Kitsap Building Association (KBA) Board of Directors.

IRC & KBA Builder Grant Program are creating opportunities for selected recipients to receive $1,000 grant for tools, safety equipment to intern over a six-month period to gain education and experience work in their designated trade field of choice.

With Integrity’s use of high-quality recycled products and sustainable options, being a member of KBA has been a way to connect with consumers with the same values.

For more information on KBA’s mission and events, visit their website.

Position Title: Production Management Assistant

Start Date: Immediate

Contact: Lindsay@integrityrc.com / 360 900 7663

Duties: Provide infrastructure & assistance to production management team.

  • Analytics to production staff:
    • Fleet maintenance reports
    • Warehouse inventory & cleaning
    • Randomized on-site safety checks
    • Morning vehicle fueling
  • General assistance
    • Material acquisition and preparation
    • Ability to think critically and prioritize tasks
  • Requirements:
    • Multi tasking ability
    • Drivers license
    • Moving dump trucks and trailers – fueling, auto shops, oil changes
    • CDL – NOT necessary


Pay Structure: 

  • $40,000 salary
  • Office, laptop and truck

This offer is contingent upon proof of employment eligibility, physical capacity to perform day to day duties, background/reference check, and confirmation that you are not bound by any contractual agreements that restrict your ability to perform your duties. IRC reserves the right to make your continued employment contingent on additional requirements, such as passing a drug-screening test and performance on the job.

IRC partnered with Rescue Freedom & New Life Church, promoting ‘Freedom February’.

100% of the funds raised support victims of human trafficking. 2019 campaign goal is to raise $2,000 through t-shirt sales.

Integrity’s Austin Collins, has been actively involved with New Life as a speaker and the Freedom February fundraising efforts since 2018. Collin’s work generated Integrity’s donation for the shirts and staff involvement.

“It’s a success because everyone involved counts, an entire community makes this occur, no matter who you are.”

Support Rescue Freedom’s mission to restore lives and empower survivors. Together we can set people free.


Donate & purchase t-shirts here!